Guidelines for authors

  1. All abstracts must be submitted electronically, using the official on-line submission site, until November 30th. Please note that to submit an abstract you MUST be registered or pre-registered to the meeting first. Abstracts presenters are required to register by 31 January, those not registered by then will not be included in the program.
  2. English is the official language of the meeting therefore abstracts must be prepared in English only.
  3. A maximum of two abstracts will be allowed per registered participant.
  4. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Commitee which will consider the acceptance or rejection of the work.
  5. The Scientific Commitee and reviewers will NOT edit abstracts for typing, spelling or grammatical errors. So, please check carefully all text for errors before submitting into the system.
  6. Notification for abstract acceptance will be sent by December 20th.
  7. The abstract must be single-spaced and in upper and lowercase letters. Abstracts will include only text, which may not exceed 300 words. No tables, graphs, figures or references are allowed.
  8. The title should be specific to the content. Use short titles (maximum 30 words) and standard abbreviations.
  9. Please choose one of the following conference themes where your abstract should be included:
  • Status of pests and diseases in plantations
  • Biosecurity and biological invasions 
  • Emerging pests and diseases: diagnostics and identification
  • Pest and disease management 
  • Forest health surveillance and monitoring
  • Epidemiology and population dynamics
  • Pest and disease damage and economic impact;
  • Other